Far from Iran

“Lontano dall’Iran”

Niloofar Yamini

Migration has many possible forms and consequences. The reasons that can lead people to look for a new place to live can vary profoundly, but for none of them, it is easy to assimilate all the profound diversity that exists between one context and another. Those differences begin to dig out space in the flesh to give a new rhythm to the heart and to change the colors to which one’s eyes are most receptive long before the conscious thought can begin to give a name to the change in being. If then are sensitive people to migrate, like these six women dedicated to different artistic activities, this phenomenon and its unpredictable consequences on mentality and dreams take on extraordinary proportions… So, in those activities, the new ideas, developed between encounters and discoveries, they find a powerful way of expression and the radial power of a beacon that can push itself to illuminate the shaken consciousness and even traumatized of those who find themselves in a similar situation. So, between East and West, it is established a difficult principle of dialogue, in a fertile network of mythical references, nostalgic memories and limits to overcome.

Six Iranian women, long resident in Milan and active in the art world, narrate; What does it mean for them to live away from Iran? Why did they decide to leave their country? Between fears and conquests, the story unfolds of a group of women who have used the present to rediscover the past.

Inside the story, Inside the place

Workshop and communication project; how to realize a reportage in video 360 degrees, on the occasion of the digital week 2019 in Milan, Italy. In collaboration with Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and EMERGENCY Ong Onlus.


Sul confine

“On the border” 

Niloofar Yamini

Migration: to stay on the crossroad and to make the choice between going and going. The way of living in vain or to stay on the road. Afghan emigrants who live on the borders of the desert oasis, deprived of water, safety, and identity, dreaming to learn an alphabet to tell their own pain to some savior…

This project was born thanks to an encounter with some Afghani refugees while I was in Iran with the scope to prepare a photo collection that shows the hard reality of people living outside the refugee camps. In specific, the intention was to show how these people live without access to education, alphabetization,  health, any sense of identity as well as how they are deprived of the basic necessities of any human being.

Sul Confine

“On the border”

A short film by Niloofar Yamini


“Three wishes for a lifetime”

A short film by Niloofar Yamini – Anthea Valerani – Sofia Cicala

This documentary talks about a charity center based in Como-Italy, in which many activities have been created in order to help immigrants to integrate into Italian society. The film Ragazzi di Villa Guardia narrates the desires, dreams and future expectations of three refugees of the center: Ahmad, Nazir, and Desmond.